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For this assignment it is expected to create a class called as Summer. In this class you will receive the range in which you will calculate the summation of numbers. (As an example, if you enter a value between 10 to 2000 you will calculate the sum of all numbers in between 10 to 2000). You will only calculate positive integers and the second number must be greater than the first number. You have to create two methods. First method will calculate the total with loop and second one should calculate it without a loop. Do not forget to include the related set and get methods. It is expected to implement constructor overloading. Default will set the lower limit 0, and higher limit as 100. If a user enters lower limit, the higher limit will +100, and users could enter all the lower and higher limits, and finally a user could create summer object with a previously created object. Each object have to call withoutloop and withloop methods. Do not forget to use this properly.  At the implementation class (where you define the main) create four separate object for each constructors. You have 45 minutes to complete the code. 

-60: Not to implement class

-20: Not to separate main part from the class

-10: Not to define proper variables.

-10: Not to include commends.

-30: If your applications does not work

-10: Forgetting each expected methods.

-10: For forgetting each objects.


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